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Tottenham currently sit on the 3rd position in the premier league table. Tottenham haven’t been at there best. They have shown a tendency to be nervous at crucial moments of the game. They just need to believe in themself. They have the skill and the passion for the game. They just need to be free. There players just need to feel the love for the game and play the game. For the game against the best; they will just need to take a deep breath and play the game.

Tottenham never been the favorite to win and they lack that killer instinct. It takes years of reputation and constantly churning out quality output against quality opponent to build that reputation. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Tottenham have to start winning matches and they need to put professional and cold display on the field. They need to win and win big. Teams have to start hatting them for how good they are getting. Other fans have to rewarded for there years of loyalty. They should be the team that others love to hate.

There are currently one of the best teams on display in the premier league. Tottenham need to stand out. They need to score goals and stop there opponents from scoring goals. The best part is that you can up on all the action in the premier league regarding Tottenham by tuning into SoccerStreams100

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