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Chelsea is among the best league teams and for years they had an Aura of invincibility, but the times have not been kind to the the team. There attack has lost the precision of yesteryear’s, their sublime defense has been lackluster. They have fallen a bit behind the A game. They have not been playing at there best level and they need to change they way that they approach playing the game. They need to win and win lots of game. They have the player sets and the skills to win.

Chelsea were always the best when it came to defense. For years they and Manchester United had scintillating contest. They weren’t don’t bad when it came to defense either; perhaps they need to find that fire that has deserted them this past years. It would seems that something right now is just not clicking and Chelsea need to change. The premier league around them has changed and will continue to change. Much is expected of Chelsea and the men in blue have the potential for greatness. They need to start scoring goals and win some matches.

The first step to solving any problem is identify there is one and Chelsea have a big problem. They need to start winning matches and they have a lot of exciting matches coming up. Chelsea could still probably finish in the top 3 and we can expect some fun games from them. Perhaps there coming matches will bring the best out of Chelsea. The good news is whatever happens to Chelsea, whatever the result might be; You can catch all the action live here at our website:SoccerStreams100. Just be sure to tune into SoccerStreams100. at the right time and the right date.

Chelsea Upcoming Matches

Apr 11vs Slavia Prague 20:00 Eden ArenaEL
Apr 14vs Liverpool  16:30 Anfield    PL
Apr 18vs Slavia Prague 20:00 Stamford Bridge   EL
Apr 22vs  Burnley 20:00 Stamford Bridge    PL
Apr 28vs  Manchester United16:30 Old TraffordPL
May 4vs  Watford15:05 Stamford Bridge    PL
May 12vs  Leicester City  15:00 The King Power StadiumPL